Art Attack is happening!!!

The Northrup King Building is open for business. Stop by and visit me at Studio Pintura - #350 to see my new work literally fresh off the easel. Lots of open studios with every kind of art and craft imaginable. If you go in through Dock 6 and go up to the 2nd floor, you can look for the mural and snap a selfie with famous artists, then check out Studio Pintura’s Gallery and Salon spaces.

Here’s the info:

Friday, November 2nd 5:00-10:00 PM
Saturday, November 3rd Noon-8:00 PM
Sunday, November 4th Noon-5:00 PM

Northrup King Building - 1500 Jackson St. NE Minneapolis, MN 55413

See you there!!!

Backyard Barrel Firing

Studio Pintura got together at one of the members homes (Kevin Komadina) for a great dinner of Pho created by his wife Katherine. He had some ceramics that were ready to be fired so he loaded up the barrel and set it a blaze in the cool fall weather. All will be revealed in the unloading in about 24 hours. Dramatic and fun.


It's MN State Fair time!

I am so lucky this year to have gotten the piece Agree to Disagree into the MN State Fair Fine Arts Show!!! The show has lots of great work as always. Some thought provoking, some kooky, some creepy and some just plain beautiful. 

And personally, I was over the moon to be given the Margaret Bromschwig design award "for the work best incorporating the Modern". Exactly what I have been trying to do! Create pieces using traditional techniques that have a fresh, more modern approach to composition. I did a tiny bit of research on Mrs. Bromschwig and she sounds like she was a wonderful person. Very connected to the arts community including the Walker and beloved by friends and family. 

So please stop by and say hi to my piece. It's around the corner to the left. It's very blue, you can't miss it. 

 Preview night

Preview night

Cute Couple @ Art A Whirl

Cute Couple @ Art A Whirl

The painting is called Agree to Disagree, sort of ironic to have a couple in love standing in front of it. So great! Lois Rhomberg from Studio Pintura captured this moment from Art a Whirl for me. Cool fashion, good conversations and lots of cute kid artists. Fun weekend… back to work painting this week.

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Art Attack

Thanks to Lois Rhomberg & Armando Gutiérrez at Studio Pintura for inviting me to participate with them. It was so fun to hang out, talk shop and see what the Northrup King experience is like. Lots of nice people taking time to come out (in terrible weather) and look at art. My husband surprised me with a piece by Jan Spencer de Gutiérrez that I had been admiring. Love it & very excited to have it!